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Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my online journal/diary/blog — whatever you wanna call it. You might have ended up here through my self-promotion or through Google search. Either way, welcome to my world! I’m ecstatic to know that you’re taking a few minutes of your time to browse around and read my posts.

A short intro about me. My name is Kaila Cristina, you can call me Kai if you find Kaila too long (lol). Kaila means ‘laurel crown/style’, Kai means ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian. Both meanings depict my personality quite clearly. I love dressing up, and a big ocean lover. I simply cannot live without saltwater and sea breeze. Maybe I was a mermaid in my previous life? I don’t know. All I know is, I cannot stand more than 1 month of not dipping in the ocean like it’s a curse haha.

Where do I begin? I’m a coffee addict. It all started when I was 16 and my parents always had coffee for breakfast and the habit just kinda stuck to me since they knew how to make it taste good. I love animals. I’d adopt every animal if I could! Cats are my spirit animal but I highly appreciate dogs too. They’re such a blessing!

I’m tall — well, tall for an Asian girl. I stand at 5’8. Not sure where I got my height from since I’m taller than both my parents, but hey, this height brought me to runways and editorials when I was younger. These days, I work for a tech company based in the US. I’ve originally worked for an M&A Firm based in Nevada, and a Fashion/Cosmetics company in the Philippines. Fashion has always been my passion but of course, my doors have been open to bigger and better opportunities.

Traveling is my chicken soup. I love being spontaneous. I’ve ended up in places I’ve never been to, either alone or in a group, just because of a random thought. I’m the type to want to make things happen and be able to plan things on the spot (or with no plans at all!) and I think it’s a talent. I live to see the good of the world, explore sights, experience different cultures, and build lifelong connections.

Like most millennials, I struggle to find the ‘sweet spot’ of life. I know for a fact that I value life and I know it’s meant for living and not surviving. This is where the constant debate happens in my head, should I treat like like YOLO or should I just give-in to the norm like everybody and work to live? I’m still trying to find the right balance. Let’s discover this journey together.

I hope you’ll enjoy my content! Life is amazing.

Feel free to drop me a message anytime at kailacristina@yahoo.com 😉

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